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Andronis Gastronomy Festival, Santorini

Internationally acclaimed chefs and rising culinary stars in a celebration of excellence. Look forward to experiencing a spectacular sensorial journey through diverse cuisines and cultures; embrace the latest gastronomic trends and techniques accompanied by some of the finest local and international wines.

Crete is a place that stands out both for its rich tradition and for its history. It is one of the most beautiful and famous destinations in the world and thousands of travelers arrive on the island every year to discover the wonderful natural landscapes, enjoy the Cretan hospitality and taste the unique flavors with the abundant raw materials. So we visited Daios Cove and had the ultimate culinary experience at the Ocean restaurant , one of the resort's three restaurants, signed by the "miscellaneous" chef Luca Piscazzi.

Daios Cove is located in Vathi of Agios Nikolaos and is a magical place that, in addition to a wonderful stay, provides you with the opportunity to try authentic Cretan flavors. The new menu curated with love by Luca Piscazzi is a culinary anthem in Crete. The Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant, Pelagos at Four Seasons Hotel, created an innovative menu after a four-day tour of the wonderful landscapes of Crete. Knowing this rich culinary heritage, Piscazzi met artisans, producers and tasted authentic aromatic flavors, discovering the special traditions and the people of the island.

Pelagos on Tour tasting menus pay tribute to Crete and give a new dimension to visionary Mediterranean cuisine. The result was a tasty ode to the island, with starring dishes such as snails with green beans and caviar, mint ceviche with yellowtail fish, pistachio, cherries and elderberry, lamb with Sfacian pie and the sweet conclusion was made with the dessert that featured virgin olive oil E .thos and the aromatic peach liqueur, Alkermes.

Seasonal Cretan ingredients played a key role in all the dishes, from aromatic diktamo (a relative of oregano), to mild-flavored gruyere and edible bulbs. The dishes were accompanied by four cocktails inspired by the different landscapes of the island – from the white sand beaches to the crystal turquoise waters, the rugged mountains and the Mediterranean greenery. The menus included unique wine combinations curated by the Master of Wine, Aris Sklavenitis.

After experiencing this unforgettable taste experience, we spoke to Chef Luca Piscazzi about the inspiration behind the menu, sustainable gastronomy and his collaboration with Daios Cove. In this exciting trip you experienced in Crete, which flavors and textures would you describe as the most special or unique?

The Staka cream with fried eggs from Manolis' mother was unique . I have never tried anything like this, the texture and taste is truly unique. I've never seen it before and I know I won't find it anywhere else. Also, the flavors from the wild greens and beans, I tasted the real greens, which are wild and fresh from the lands.

What was the idea and inspiration behind the menu?

It started last year with the first edition of Pelagos on Tour. I'm from Italy, my restaurant manager from Belgium and when we moved to Greece to open Pelagos, we were absolutely amazed by all the unique products, techniques and recipes that Greece has to offer. It is not well known outside of Greece and we thought we should use it and highlight it to our guests. Crete is known for its hospitality and strong culinary roots, all the local visitors kept talking about it, so we had to explore it. This menu is an ode to the incredible hospitality and produce we encountered.

What local produce did you use for the menu courses?

At Daios we used Fliskouni Mint for Ceviche, Staka for Carpaccio, Escargots (snails), Dictamo & Blue Crab for Crab, Stamnagathi for Lamb and E.thos olive oil for dessert (we went to the grove before! )

Give us a brief description of the culinary experience you want to offer with this creation.

I hope to transmit the values ​​we experienced during our stay in Crete and by combining my cooking style with local ingredients.

Which dish stands out for you and why?

Dakos! It's such a fresh dish- I imagine you spend the whole day at the beach, shower and go to eat. You start with the dako which is so delicious. I can't stop talking about it!

Does sustainable gastronomy play a role in this specific offer inspired by Crete?

Yes, it has a very important role for us. Sustainability is one of our pillars at Pelagos, our menu is highly seasonal and we only work with local farmers and producers. The fact that we went to meet our producers directly at the source of the product was unique - for example Rokakis who supply all our fish.

How did you feel about the overall collaboration with Daios Cove and the teams involved? What elements would you keep from this collaboration for the future?

Very nice event with a friendly and helpful team. We were made to feel at home from the moment we entered Ormos! I can't wait to come back!

What does it take to earn a Michelin star and how do you maintain it consistently over the years?

I would say consistency and discipline is the key!

How do you see the current culinary scene in Greece?

I believe that today's gastronomy in Greece is flourishing! It's a rush! Since coming to Athens, I have seen a new wave of talented chefs. I firmly believe that Athens is becoming a culinary destination on par with some of Europe's most famous capitals. We have a great and friendly relationship with all fine dining restaurants and together we are making this change.

The culinary journey "Culinary Journeys" will continue at the "Daios Cove" resort in Crete and will last until September 21.
Culinary Journeys at Daios Cove are now an institution, unfolding through its thematic sections a mosaic of flavors and cultural "connections". Promoting discussion and exchange of views on one of the most important areas of human culture, gastronomy.

A culinary festival featuring Michelin-starred and distinguished chefs from the world's best restaurants. From French haute cuisine to the special Brazilian cuisine and from sustainable cuisine, which respects local ingredients to high standard Greek cuisine, the famous chefs present their talent by creating signature dishes at Ocean Restaurant and RHO.

The program of this year's Culinary Journeys

Daios Cove: We lived the ultimate culinary experience with the signature of the top Italian chef, Luca Piscazzi

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