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Food has always had a significant impact on my life, whether enjoying it or making it. I truly love cooking and seeing others enjoy my food. Because of my job, I am lucky to be able to travel for food, explore new cuisines, and create special dinners with other people passioned about what I love the most.


Feel free to contact me and chat about any project, I am always excited to connect with any other like-minded individuals or organisations.



Our Menu Development focuses primarily on the dish selection and design of a menu. When developing custom menus for clients, we look at the brand’s story, guest demographics, local ingredients, and specialties. We work to create a menu complete with signature dishes and an innovative, engaging menu design with a look and feel to best encapsulate our client’s brand.

I can bring to your project over a decade’s Michelin star experience, most recently running a 2 and 1 Michelin Star kitchen as a Head Chef over the past 7 years.

Strong experience in Fine Dining, Gourmet, Italian and Asian influenced cuisine, but passionate about any kind of cuisine!


Having worked all over the world during the last 15 years in many exemplary kitchens, I can help you with both creating and designing your professional kitchen.


Whether a new opening or a refurb, I can help you transform your kitchen in the best possible way. We look at budget, functionality, layout, space planning, and equipment.



I have moved through all the ranks of the kitchen from Intern to Head Chef. My knowledge of kitchens, team dynamics, product training, culinary skills, and general operations has led me to where I am today. 

A chef is nothing without his team and his team is nothing without its chef - building these strong relationships with your own team takes time, effort, and willingness. 

After menu creation, we ensure that your team on site is comfortable with the new menu and thoroughly trained in its preparation. Follow up training to maintain a high-quality service is an integral part of my culinary consulting.


Interested in putting our creative minds together? 

Besides it being an extraordinary experience, I see joint dinners as a great learning opportunity, not just for the chefs but for the entire hosting team. It is a chance to exchange ideas and converse around food, discuss local techniques & products, truly learn about each other.

My latest 4 (or more!) hands dinners:

Four Seasons Taormina, Principe Cerami 1* June '23

Four Seasons Bangkok, Riva del Fume Oct 23'

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, Amber 2* Sep 23'

Humo London Oct 23'

Spondi Restaurant Athens, 1* Nov '22

and many more...


Source: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong,

Amber Alumni Event Sep 2023

Risotto .jpeg


Would you like to experience my kitchen in the comfort of your own home, yacht, or event space ‒ reach out to discuss! 

From small dinners of 2 up to larger social events,

we cater to all needs worldwide.


Perhaps you feel that we have shared passions, values, and ideas and are looking for someone to collaborate with on brands or events?

If so, it would be great to hear from you. Feel free to reach out so we can have a chat!

Proud to be Kaviari's Brand Ambassador in Greece

Source Pictures: Four Seasons Athens, Pelagos Restaurant, Gorlomi Athens & The Social Food

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